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Commodore Homes

The Commodore Corporation

Privately owned, The Commodore Corporation prides itself on a long-term stable workforce, with skilled crafts people dedicated to building homes, not just houses. For more than five decades, Commodore has consistently ranked as one of the largest home builders in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Midwest United States.

We go by a basic concept: Flat, Square and Strong. The base needs to be tested to assure quality construction. Only after the floor, walls and roof is completed is the home put in place. All OSB sheathing is installed horizontally, the sheathing is both glued and fastened, all to make the home much stronger. As much as possible, the wiring is planned for and run through the pre-drilled holes for easier access and a more finished look. Every home is build by our skilled crafts people by hand on specialized jigs inside a controlled environment, to ensure quality and precision.

Our modular homes are constructed to individual state and local building codes, and represent a smart, rapidly growing alternative to local 'site built' homes. Combining broad customization, better construction technology, less waste, and an experienced workforce, our modular homes generally cost less than a comparable 'site-built' home. In addition, a one year warranty and a 10-year limited structural warranty are typically included. 

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