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Commodore Homes of Indiana is a major producer of system-built, high-performance homes in the Midwest United States.

Well known for our innovative designs, superior construction, and outstanding service and support, Commodore Homes of Indiana also specializes in custom floor plans.

We also carry Heckaman Homes.

We go by a basic concept: Flat, Square and Strong. The base needs to be tested to assure quality construction. Only after the floor, walls and roof is completed is the home put in place. All OSB sheathing is installed horizontally, the sheathing is both glued and fastened, all to make the home much stronger. As much as possible, the wiring is planned for and run through the pre-drilled holes for easier access and a more finished look. Every home is build by our skilled crafts people by hand on specialized jigs inside a controlled environment, to ensure quality and precision.

This will be your home – why settle for something less? We offer unparalled construction processes, an industry-leading heating system, awesome cabinets, and dozens of improvements that make Commodore Homes a good choice for your home. We believe what you can’t see matters. For example:

  • Beautiful and durable cabinets for your kitchens and baths. Built to the same standards as brand-name cabinets (KCMA certified), with a dovetail drawers for extra quality. Make your kitchen last.
  • A heating and duct system that delivers significantly better air flow and can actually accommodate a real air conditioner. Don’t settle for just a furnace!
  • Our homes can weigh as much as 30% more than other homes – more lumber, better components. Do you want a light home or a heavy home?
  • Our homes are now both Energy Star and Green ready! Details will be published shortly, or contact us now for information

Callaghan Homes also constructs the following:

  1. Basements: Poured concrete 8′ or 9′ walls
  2. Crawlspaces: poured concrete 48″ walls
  3. Septic Systems: simple and difficult systems
  4. Wells: 4″ or 5″ with electrical hook up
  5. Electric Meters: mount and connect
  6. Gutters: aluminum and seamless with downspouts
  7. Driveways: gravel, concrete or blacktop
  8. Sidewalks and Steps: concrete or wood
  9. Decks, Covered Porches or Sunrooms
  10. Lawns and Landscaping
  11. Garages: small to large sizes, attached or detached

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